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Welcome to our News and Notes Page. The News section contains information about the latest happenings, and the Notes section includes information that can be a bit more anecdotal in nature, such as updates on ongoing projects, and other information that is not necessarily current "news". Please check this site frequently for updates, and if you think anything should be added, please email the webmaster.

There are a couple of things happening with the VMPA website at the moment that will, hopefully, improve its usability. The most recent change should be obvious to folks who have visited the site previously: we have changed layouts. The new layout, which fills the whole screen, relies heavily on frames for the menu, header, and content section. This will allow us to easier add pages to the menu, which means that expanding the site and adding to it will be simpler and thus, faster.

New to the site is the addition of the "History" section where VMPA members can share bits of history that they feel will interest others viewing the website: scans of manuals, photographs of unusual uniforms worn in theater, quips and notes about history in general. As the VMPA encompasses military history as a whole, this leaves us open to adding a lot of interesting and informative pages in the future, and we hope that our members will take the time to contribute to these pages.

Members, this is a website for everyone in the Virginia Military Preservation Association, which means that we want your submissions of stories, pictures, upcoming events, and other materials that will be useful to everyone. If you have anything you'd like to share with everyone else, please feel free to email it to the webmaster to be included!


Club member Adrian Winget recently purchased a World War I Liberty Truck, which he is looking to restore and, hopefully, bring to events with him in the near future. We are looking for information on Liberty Trucks that can help with the restoration process, such as the following:
  • Drawings of plans of the bed and cab
  • Manuals
  • Photos of WWI Liberty Trucks, period or restorations
  • Spare parts

If you think you can help, or have materials that you would be willing to sell, trade, or simply pass along, please contact Adrian via email.