Korean War

This new section will eventually contain various information on American military history related to the Korean War. As more materials are scanned or otherwise digitized, they will be posted to this section and with this, made available to researchers and others interested in military history. 2020 will begin the 70th Anniversary of the Korean War.  We are developing a history on the Battle of Chipyong-ni and the 8th Army Special Operations of Task Force Kirkland and would appreciate any information, pictures or memorabilia you may have.

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UNPIK (United Nations Partisan Forces - Korea)

The following are images of UNPIK uniforms and insignia used in the Korean War. The uniform shown in the second image, and the photo in the third and fourth images were brought home to the United States by 1LT Kingston Winget, the father of VMPA's founding members Adrian and Monty Winget.